We are a young and up-and-coming company that wants to achieve a change in the games market as well as in society with educational games for children, adolescents and families.

Our games deal with ecological sustainability as well as with social, grassroots democratic values, which is also reflected in our company structure.

We want to be able to make our games available to as many families as possible, regardless of their income or access to education, and despite the high quality and ecologically sustainable production, we want to offer them to the games market at a fair price.

Diversity, inclusion and accessibility play a crucial role for us.



Management & game development

I believe that change starts with education. Children learn a lot about the world in which we live through books and games. However, the actual diversity of the world is rarely depicted in it. Many children grow up believing they don't belong.

Leona Games wants to make a difference, because representation plays a big role. We are a team of talented, diverse people who jointly develop games that represent a variety of identities - including our own.


Character design & game development

At Leona everything comes together for me: talent, fun, community and above all, hope for a future in which differences bring us together and no longer separate.


Graphic design

I enjoy working with all of these loving, talented and creative people on games that not only educate, but also empower and have fun.  We have grown very much as a team and learn attentively with and from each other. We also want to achieve this with our games - bringing people closer together and learning together through play.



Leona encourages people of all ages to question norms. We want people to consider different ways of being and thinking. I am part of a team in which I can be myself.

Together we design games that enable us to realise our ideas and wishes, while representing the joy but also the realities of different people.


Start-up advice

The games from Leona Games have a uniquely beautiful vibe. Playing them inspires and lovingly teaches important topics. I am very happy to be part of the team that brings these things into the world.